Three Day Fashion Business School

For those committed to fashion business excellence

Three Day Fashion Business School

Please note, this course is not currently running. We will update with further information when it is next planned to run. Follow us on social media for the latest updates (links at the bottom of the page) or Contact Us.


An intensive 3-day fashion business short course that will enhance your knowledge, refresh your understanding and upscale your capabilities for those committed to fashion business excellence.


Whether you are an independent business, a recent graduate seeking to break into the fashion business sector or someone who is keen on a career change – 3-day Fashion Business School is perfect for you. Devised, developed and led by the British School of Fashion’s world class professors and industry experts, we will guarantee that your enthusiasm, energy and creativity will be given a sound commercial footing as a result of your participation.


Our Fashion Business short course will focus on 3 critical themes:


  1. Building a believable fashion brand.

Fast paced, interactive and applied Day 1 will introduce you to the 10 essential rules of effective branding within the fashion and lifestyle sectors. Drawing from real life case studies, latest research and insights and recent advances in practitioner thinking, this session will help you create and execute a credible fashion brand strategy.


  1. Creating and implementing a winning sales strategy.

Day 2 will lead on from brand development to developing the business. From sizing the market, the target market and channel segments to developing cohesive go to market strategies by channel and geography, to the market activation phase and collection launch in both B2B and B2C environments.

From building appropriate assortments to the creation, build and development of key partnerships. With a blend of strategy and actions, this theme will support you in understanding and maximising the market opportunities to the accelerated growth and development of both business and partnership management.


  1. Developing a digital and tech mind-set/innovation that will drive your business.

The focus on Day 3 will be the creation and implementation of your digital strategy. You will learn how to incorporate digital technologies so they would become your point of differentiation and advantage. With a plethora of industry best practice examples, you will discover the formula on how to build and employ an integrated digital strategy across your company and communication channels.


Study on the Three Day Fashion Business short course in the heart of London. It all starts here.


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Price: £125 per day / 3 days for £300



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