MSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing Module Focus: Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Lab

MSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing Module Focus: Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Lab

By Dr Ruth MarciniakMSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing Programme Leader

Critical to fashion marketing is the brand, traditionally defined as a design, sign and or symbol, which functions as a corporate, promotional and creative tool to differentiate products and services between competitors operating in the same market.

However, the brand today is understood to be much more than just a visual identity.  Through shares, likes and comments, brand relationships with consumers are formed.  Brands are described as having a personality, Chanel is a person who is sophisticated, and a culture – the appointment of Rihanna as Creative Director and Global Ambassador represents the youthful, edgy and spirited culture of Puma.

American author, Marty Neumeier, describes a brand as a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organisation.  Christopher Breward’s book, ‘Fashion’s World Cities’, makes reference to the brand as a place, for example London and New York are both referred to as brands.

The fashion industry is overflowing with strong fashion brands such as Supreme, Vetements, Balenciaga, Comme Des Garcon, Nike and Adidas, to name a few, all of which are successful in communicating a distinct image, positioning and, for the consumer, provide a distinct experience and augment a particular way of life.

Academics teaching MSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing programme acknowledge the importance of branding within fashion marketing with regards to its role, complexity and constant evolvement.

A dedicated module on branding called ‘Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Lab’ is offered on the programme, which explores developing new brands and the challenges of introducing them to market.

What will you cover in the module?

Brand conception: introducing and naming new brands; developing brand identity online and offline; identifying and establishing brand positioning and targeting; developing brand management and communications strategies to meet marketing objectives; managing brands over geographic boundaries.

What will you learn from the module?

On completion of the module, you will understand the managerial significance of branding in the competitive fashion and lifestyle sector.

What are the highlights of the module?

Brand lab sessions are part of the module wherein students will explore digital media.  They will import, create and manipulate image files to communicate their ideas through visual presentation formats.

How will students be assessed on the module?

Students will produce an illustrated individual portfolio of a fashion and lifestyle brand they themselves have developed.

How will this module help me get a job in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry needs Brand Managers who work hard in increasing brand awareness; developing and delivering brand strategy; creating marketing plans; write engaging content and develop brand messages and; analyse brand performance across digital and non-digital