Marks & Spencer

A ground-breaking partnership

Marks & Spencer


The ground-breaking partnership between Marks and Spencer and the British School of Fashion started in 2013 with the creation of a new design studio at the Glasgow Caledonian University London campus, and the launch of the M&S Fashion Scholarship.


The 132 years old iconic British retailer is an internationally respected business with over 1,300 stores worldwide, and engaged to make a positive difference by leading the way on truly sustainable change. M&S’s commitment to enhance lives and its core values are closely aligned to the values of the University and the British School of Fashion.


The M&S Studio @ Fashion Street

A modern, inspirational and creative space at the GCU London campus, the studio is a test bed of design and innovation, equipped with everything needed to create a garment from sketch to first sample. M&S Studio complements M&S’s existing design facilities and is open to all M&S design teams to develop innovative ideas away from the office, whether designing trial garments for an M&S collection or adding finishing touches to existing pieces.


The M&S Fashion Scholarship

Investing in the fashion leaders of tomorrow, M&S awards an annual bursary of £50,000 to support selected students on fashion courses at the British School of Fashion. The scholarships focus on employability, professional development and an enriched academic experience. The M&S Fashion Scholars are selected by a panel of M&S and British School of Fashion experts, and the students also benefit from M&S mentoring and use of the design space. Scholarships will be awarded to those who can best demonstrate a commitment to, and involvement in, the Fashion and Marketing industries.

“M&S very generously recognised the legacy of education and the opportunity of education. Through the generous scholarship endowment, M&S will transform young people's lives, giving opportunity based upon talent and not restricted by means.”

Professor Christopher Moore


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