Is Beauty Inclusive? British School of Fashion collaborates with the British Beauty Council

Is Beauty Inclusive? British School of Fashion collaborates with the British Beauty Council

In November 2019 the British School of Fashion collaborated with the British Beauty Council to host a Diversity and Inclusivity panel talk and think thank at an event hosted in our central London campus.

“The beauty industry is significant both in terms of its connections with our individual wellbeing and identity as well as its contribution to GDP through products and services. The British School of Fashion’s focus on socially conscious industry research and experiential teaching mean it was highly relevant for our Postgraduate students to be involved in the British Beauty Council’s Diversity and Inclusivity industry think tank.”

Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business, British School of Fashion

Two panel talks with industry thought leaders looked at consumer trends and needs and commercial imperatives for business. Attendees were then split into three think-tank groups to discuss various aspects of diversity and inclusivity. The diverse audience included students from the British School of Fashion and industry leaders.

The event delivered valuable insights and went on to help with the production of the British Beauty Council’s first Diversity & Inclusion report. Following the two focus points from the panel talks, the report looks at:

Why inclusivity in beauty matters
• The commercial imperatives and opportunities for beauty businesses
• The beauty industry’s approach to inclusivity today
• And how inclusivity can drive brand innovations

And consumer trends and needs
• How beauty ideals are represented today
• How the beauty industry can better understand the individual needs of consumers of all identities
• What can be done to ensure inclusivity remains a sustainable approach and the barriers to be overcome.

You can access the full report from the British Beauty Council here.

“We are not one-dimensional. Personalisation is not just for those with privilege, and diverse consumers deserve for their needs to be catered for as a matter of course, not as an ‘other’ or a separate add on.”

British Beauty Council