The Fair Fashion Center

Fair Fashion Center


The Fair Fashion Center, located on the GCNYC campus, is proving the business case for sustainability by turning global issues into industry opportunities.


Translating Academic Theory into Industry Transformation


The language of not-for-profits is different than the language of business. Translation and actionable solutions are required that can be true levers for profitability and growth, motivating businesses to implement new practices and scale true change.
When considering the impact the fashion supply chain has on other industries – from farming and manufacturing to transportation, real estate and waste management—there are many distinct but entangled elements that must evolve together in order to create an industry that supports people, planet and profits.


Solutions for a Complex World


The FFC develops market-based solutions that combine economic value creation with environmental stewardship, social inclusion, and sound ethics. The goal is nothing less than the Re-design of Fashion. Changes to each entangled area begin the momentum, but the real transformative power is in collective action as a whole.


Overcoming challenges created by gaps in traditional ecosystems, the FFC creates the enabling space for cross-sector collaboration, yielding innovative solutions and unique partnerships. With guidance from public sector organizations like the United Nations and various other subject matter experts, the priorities of the FFC have been established together with the industry’s leading executives. The FFC moves company initiatives beyond CSR, empowering organizations to embed sustainable practices across all business functions.


Open Afternoon

Come and meet us at our Open Afternoons for the chance to find out why GCU London is the right place for you.