BSoF Dr Don McCarthy CBE Statement

BSoF Dr Don McCarthy CBE Statement

“Following the very sad news of Dr Don McCarthy’s passing we wanted to acknowledge and express our gratitude for the significant support that he provided to the British School of Fashion.

“On reflection we believe that the most appropriate way to do this is to convey the story and thoughts of Jacob Byrne a recent Merit achieving graduate of the MBA Luxury Brand Management  who benefited from the Don McCarthy scholarship.”

Tim Jackson, Head of the British School of Fashion


“Following the news of the recent passing of Dr Don McCarthy CBE, I find it most necessary to honour his memory by speaking about the extreme generosity he bestowed upon me as a British School of Fashion student. In January 2017, he gave me a full-fee scholarship to obtain an MBA in Luxury Brand Management.

Jake Byrne

Jacob graduated from the British School of Fashion in July 2018

“I come from a rural town of 4,000 people in the American state of Missouri where opportunities are limited and finances are tight. Throughout my undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri, I enlisted in the U.S. military reserve as a medic to afford my studies. As I looked towards the UK for graduate school at the end of my bachelors, the next step in my dreams of working internationally, I feared high interested loans were the only answer.

“Dr McCarthy’s scholarship alleviated these concerns and placed me back into a situation where I could clearly focus on the steps ahead of me in my career path without weight on my shoulders.

“I enjoyed every minute of my 16 months as a MBA student at the British School of Fashion and was instructed by some of the most talented experts in the luxury industry. Completing the MBA course at the British School of Fashion has been my proudest achievement and living in London, the most maturing.

“Dr. Don McCarthy’s generosity set me up for future success and has placed me in a position within the fashion industry that few could dream of. I am excited to begin this journey back in the United States since my recent graduation. I will never forget the indelible mark Dr. McCarthy made on my life and I can only hope that I can continue to honour his memory with my achievements. He will be truly missed by British School of Fashion alumni like me.”

Jacob Byrne, MBA Luxury Brand Management