MSc Luxury Brand Marketing

Our Masters in Luxury Brand Marketing programme provides students with a rich breadth of knowledge and understanding of marketing specifically related to luxury brands. It includes a focus on critical insights into luxury consumer behaviour, luxury branding and marketing communications, and an examination of legal aspects of branding within a luxury context.

It will allow you to develop your intellectual ability together with the contemporary skills and practices needed to excel in the industry. There will also be an opportunity to complete a work placement, volunteering work, desk-based consultancy or even study abroad. Students are also encouraged to engage in an independent research project.

The programme allows students to study luxury marketing within a global context while at the same time developing a greater awareness of the wider obligations of business, including responsible leadership. The primary aim is to equip students with a contemporary understanding of luxury brand marketing in order to meet the constantly-changing needs of the luxury brand industry. To help achieve this, the University has built upon a wealth of expertise in the luxury sector through our distinguished range of academic and honorary professors, who are all current leaders in industry.

Graduates, equipped with their specialist knowledge, analytical and personal skills, can expect to be well-placed to command managerial positions within the increasingly competitive, digitally-orientated global luxury brand sector.